Mattress and backache: How to be Conscious?

The right mattress is what in the morning makes us wake up refreshed and without pain or sore back and neck. To achieve this you need to acquire some knowledge about the elements that make up the bed. Orthopedic mattress for many years has been synonymous with hardness. In fact for orthopedic years and industry staff have suggested the orthopedic mattress, and orthopedic network, and the harder they were, the better it was.

It was a wrong concept and the problems caused to the back and the neck is still found among the patients. From the 2000s onwards, but also a little earlier, the concept of the ergonomic mattress has spread, which has to adapt to the curves of the body, favouring safety, pleasantness and comfort of use to give best mattresses for side sleepers.

Basics of Side Sleeping

During the 8 hours of sleep, however, even unwittingly, unknowingly change position and it is good that this is so, so the areas of the pressure on the mattress can return to be sprayed by the blood. In fact, the body part that rests on the mattress receives less blood supply. If we find ourselves in an unsuitable position, correct it. Slowly our body gets used to taking the most suitable positions during sleep.

When we talk about a bed, we should not mean mattress, net, and pillow individually, but the three must constitute a single functional unit that is the bed. Let’s take some examples. A person may like a slightly softer mattress and compensate with a harder slatted base. A harder mattress, which causes the shoulders to shoulder less, may require a higher cushion.

Any Quality to Look For…

Returning to the mattress this must provide adequate support through slats or mesh, and avoid at the same time holes caused by overly soft materials. The best mattress is that of medium rigidity because it follows the physiological curves of the spine and allows resting even for those suffering from back pain.

Let’s not forget that in the bed we spend a third of our life.The position to be avoided certainly is the belly down because, in addition to causing significant problems in the neck, forcing it into a position of forced rotation or hyperextension, fatigue the breathing and also accentuates the wrinkles of the face, not much appreciated by women.